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SK&C Development Group, INC is a highly-regarded consulting company with a proven track record. Our talented team of consultants are experts in leading change, performance management, district and school improvement, executive coaching, and technology integration. Our design for closing the achievement gap and increasing achievement for all students are used in schools across the nation, making the goals of college and career readiness attainable for a multitude of children. Our professional learning services and next-generation instructional materials build capacity for educators and support districts/schools in becoming high-performing organizations, boasting of double-digit gains across all content areas for all student groups and ability levels.



To provide exceptional services that meet the unique needs of organizations using scientific research-based strategies yielding exceptional results.

School Teacher


We provide our clients with high-quality professional services and products that enables them to lead positive organizational change using a systemic approach that ensures excellence at every level of the organization.

Young Teacher
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