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SK&C Development Group, INC 

is a highly-regarded consulting company with a proven track record of performance in both education and government services.

We develop leaders at all levels using a systemic approach to meet the challenging demands of improving student achievement and building educator capacity. Let us work with your schools and systems to provide professional learning that is designed, developed, and delivered by experienced district and school leaders.

We are Committed to You!

See our full list of customized services or contact us for more information.

Content-based Coaching
Change Management
Designing and Facilitating Adult Learning
Leadership Development
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

Team Building
Virtual Professional Learning
Performance Management
Systems Training
Executive Coaching

Our Expertise

We specialize in offering high-quality professional learning virtual services that are interactive and engaging to support leaders, coaches, mentors, and teachers with effectively facilitating virtual learning that reflects best practices in both online learning and adult learning.

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Organizational Development

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Change &
Performance Management

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You need a partner.


We want to empower your

organization to reach greater


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